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DJ Fazed & Elle Jay
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DJ Fazed is a vinyl veteran who has been playing in and around Coventry, The UK and Europe since the early 90’s. Fazed’s love of championing vinyl sound inspired him to co-found Coventry’s Vinyl Collective, Humans On Wax.

Ellejay is a DJ, Digital Artist and Projection Mapper from Coventry, UK. Ellejay bought her first pair of decks from a cash-converter when she was 19, shortly after she launched her weekly radio show for Coventry University bringing the sound of vinyl back to Coventry’s airways.

Fazed and Ellejay are partners in everything, love, life, art and music - Whilst studying Rave Culture and Coventry’s dance music heritage at University, Ellejay came up with the concept of launching Humans on Wax- a community for vinyl DJs to collaborate on creative projects, events and to have the opportunity to explore analogue in a digital world.

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Block Radio © 2022 All rights reserved.