Poetry to celebrate International Women’s Day

Sacred Roots

Water kisses a woman’s sacred roots

Rejuvenating surrounding soil

Ancestors are summoned She feeds from her land

of origin

Awakening the power

she holds within

Give rise to the greatness both was and to be

Respect her presence and beauty

Sisters united Blooming in gardens bold

with radiant colour

Each flower remarkably distinct from the other Admire her grace She effortlessly takes up


Her floral crown held high Conquering under the

sun in the sky

The Rituals I Did Not Tell You About

It takes a village to make a grown man happy

We, (woman) work in fields all day calling yet there is no response.

It takes a village. As long as you are well fed what’s my back got to do with it. I am yet to learn of the magic my hands can do besides prepare feasts.

I have witnessed them create fists. But they collapse because have you not heard – it takes a village and we need heat. The baby has not stopped crying and mother forgive me my breasts have not stopped leaking.

Your hands cannot do this alone.

Forgive your lover

Burn some wood

Plait your hair

Receive the word

Need I say more. Have you not heard the sun will rise regardless. There is someone else, he will make eyes at her, make three fine courses from the playfulness of her hips. He will figure out why her lips have yet to tremble.

She will soon hear of what you have learnt.

And if thoughts enter of straightening your back. Figuring out how to use your hands. Singing amazing grace. Do not panic.

Remember the sermon that said you cannot stand on your own. Start collecting wood. Start the fire.

Walk away with her.

Amanda Gorman // Inauguration Poem

Hollie McNish // Embarrassed

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  • by Alice
    Posted 08/03/2021

    Thank you for introducing me to a new poet!

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