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Danniella Dee talks creativity and Inspiration release

Danniella Dee joined me to talk about female creativity and her recent release Inspiration. Reared on sound system culture and choir practice, Danniella Dee is an admirable creative woman. The singer/songwriter, musician and producer from Coventry began her music journey in 2019. Danniella felt, “trapped” before unleashing her female creativity and soothing melodic vocals out into the world. However, her first single I Just Wanna captured her natural creative essence perfectly. Her voice effortlessly morphs into multiple genres like R&B, Indie-Soul and Afrobeats. You can discover more of her music here.

Tune into my full interview with Danniella Dee live over on Reasonings at Block Radio, Friday 23rd April at 7pm. 


Danniella Dee has independently manifested her debut EP ready to release this year, “it’s a lot of hard work because I’m trying to do it all myself, I’m tryna produce it myself, you know record it all myself” she added, “it’s also been a really good learning journey for me”. Danniella’s EP production has been challenging yet rewarding, “[It] made me realise how far I’ve came with what I’ve learnt and how much I fail to recognise that as an achievement”. Continuing to share her successes, “exposure-wise I think my greatest achievement so far would be being played on Radio 1, that was amazing, with my song Ladybird”. From Danniella’s commitment, drive and resilience, I sensed that she is a force to be reckoned with. 

Danniella Dee

Danniella Dee is a natural writer, particularly when it comes to song writing. Inspiration was written by Danniella after her friend created a portrait of her, “it just inspired me to make something back for him because I was just so grateful at how much it cheered me up.” Danniella’s portrait is the cover of Inspiration, beautifully capturing a personal and uplifting moment for her, “[It’s] a stamp in time of how grateful I am of that relationship and what it meant to me. What it can show you and how relationships can act as a mirror if you allow them to.”

Inspiration song cover

The story behind Inspiration truly reflects how powerful creativity can be. As human beings, creativity is essential to our survival. “The one thing that we do have that is really powerful and special is to be creative and that’s the reason we are here and have got his far.” For example, the sustaining effects of creativity on the human race can be seen within mental health. Danniella described creativity as, “vital” for mental health as she said, “if it wasn’t for creativity, I wouldn’t be sat here trying to make this song.” You can read more about creativity and mental health here

Sound system culture

We explored how Danniella Dee’s cultural background influenced her music journey. She began with, “I’ve grown up listening to records you know, old school Reggae, Ska, Motown, Dub, all sorts of music. I really am an old soul”. Coventry has a proud history when it comes to sound system culture. Danniella’s dad was a staple in Coventry’s sound system scene, “he was a part of the first sound system to come out of Coventry in the 1970’s called Jah Baddis”.

Danniella was down for producing some Reggae/Dub inspired music in the future, “it is a big part of me, and I do enjoy just listening to and playing reggae music, sorting through my dad’s records picking out the ones I want.” Open and full of optimism as she added, “when you’ve got the urge to do something, even when you feel like you’re not sure of your abilities just do it, you’ve got nothing to lose.”

Late night baking and Jazz 

Danniella Dee’s creative nature extends to the realms of the culinary world, “baking I think is quite therapeutic, late night as well, listening to jazz and just having a cake in front of me made with love.” I enjoyed listening to how she nurtures her creative flow as she explained, “sometimes you have to take a step back and unplug yourself.” This is true, recognising when you need to rest and having a source of escapism will refocus your creative flow.

Overconsumption and burn out can really impact how you feel in your creative realm which Danniella recognised, “[It’s] so important to remember your why and finding a good balance between creating that content and yes, you know, getting yourself out there but also not losing that enjoyment and staying connected to the reason why you do it in the first place.”

A woman’s capacity to realign, love and give 

Danniella opened up about the breakdown of a previous relationship which left her feeling less aligned than she knew herself to be, “[I was] forced to face myself and face being alone I suppose.” Within this period of realignment, Danniella consoled in a diary to express her emotions, “I needed somewhere to have an outlet to get my feelings out and process everything that was going on and going through my head.” In becoming familiar with her own company, she had to digest both the highs and lows, “I’ve learnt to embrace them and not to separate who I am from them and just know that they are a natural.” 

Sticking to the theme of inspiration, Danniella looked to the women around her during her breakup for strength and support. Women possess an incredibly natural instinct to nurture and care for others. Danniella warned that a woman’s capacity to love and give should not be underestimated, abused or taken advantage of. She continued “We are the creators of human life for one. Our capacity to love, when we choose to step into that power and realise that we are the main source of nurturing and nourishment for the human race, we realise that we really are the leaders.”

The warmth and wisdom that emanated from Danniella Dee inspired me. “It’s exciting because I still feel like I’ve got a lot of self realisation to do and so many more layers of me and my womanhood to uncover and that’s only going to come through, I guess, being more creative.” 

The multi-talented young woman certainly has an admirable mindset and a promising future ahead of her.

You can connect with Danniella Dee using the links below.

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