Aaron Woodhouse Talks Mental Health and New Single Release

Aaron Woodhouse dedicated his time to talk to I&I about mental health awareness and his new single release ‘Fire In The Air’. Aaron is a rapper from Coventry who is using music as his chosen tool to raise awareness for mental health.

We spoke to Aaron about the ways urban environments can impact mental health and how we can work around this to enhance urban settings through available resources.

I&I Talks with Aaron Woodhouse
I&I Talks with Aaron Woodhouse
When you were writing ‘Fire In The Air’, what audience did you have in mind?

“When I wrote the song, the audience I had in mind was people suffering from mental health. People that have mental health issues in general.”

Do you think there is a relationship between mental health and living in an urban environment?

“Definitely yes. With the urban environments you’ve got poverty, drugs, gangs. Mental health is big when it comes to that. With COVID and everything that’s happened, even money situations, the worlds even worse at the minute. So, that’s a definite yes.”

What made you choose music as your tool to raise mental health awareness?

“You see music, I never used to really release a lot of how I felt through music until a few years back. I find with music you can release negative energy. Sometimes men don’t speak out a lot. I definitely didn’t and this was a good tool for me to release how I felt and my negative energy. Music all the way. It’s how I can tell my story and let things go.”

How can we enhance urban environments to nurture mental health?

“Straight up people need to be more open and speak out more. If you need help, there are people that will listen and help you. With social media now there’s lots of ways to nurture our environment. You’ve got community projects, discussions, studios and even art. I think people just need to speak out more, we have all got hearts, feelings and emotions.”

Given the difficult times we are facing, has society become more aware and accepting of men struggling with mental health?

“Yeah, I think people have noticed mental health in general. Not just men but overall because after the year we’ve had its been crazy with COVID so everyone has been put to the test I think personally. I just think men need to open up a bit more. We’re not made of iron you know. Sometimes people hide their issues and don’t open up and it can be dangerous, it can be very dangerous.”

How do you plan to move forward with raising awareness?

“For my next release I’m doing a song on addiction and battling bad habits. At the minute I’ll turn a song on and it’ll get to my emotions and I come up with the idea there and then so I never really no what’s coming but I do know I’m sat on a song at the minute that I haven’t released and this one I think will have a big impact to be honest.

Moving forward I just plan to carry on writing my music the way I do and yeah just promoting mental health and raising awareness. I just hope that people out there can relate to my music to be honest and if I can inspire other people to reach out for that help or open up then I’ve done my job and I feel better in myself doing that.”

You can connect with Aaron Woodhouse here.

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